Welcome to the 2016-17 Youth Season!

**First GAMES for 5/6 teams this coming Saturday, the 3rd!**
Girls @ St. Albans Town
Boys @ St. Albans City

**Basketball begins for the 1st and 2nd grades this Saturday, 12/3!**
8:30-9:30 in the HS gym
Come with clean, inside shoes, comfortable athletic clothes, a water bottle, and come ready to play!

*Teams will be announced today, Tuesday 11/29 for the 3/4 Boys via One Call*

Practice and game schedules for all age groups are available under your group's link in the "calendars" tab above. Please check frequently, as games are continuously being added (and subtracted) as we go along. Coaches should keep you informed through the One Call, but always good to check. 

**Anyone interested in helping with a team, or volunteering to help with fundraising events, please contact us. ** 

We are hosting the day's slate of games at BFA high school gym on Saturday, 1/14 for boys from 7:30-2, and Sat. 2/4 for girls from 7:30-1. We also are the "host" school at St. Albans City on 12/10 for the girls. We will plan on having a concessions table at least at the dates at BFA, and could REALLY use volunteers to help with that. This revenue can go a long way to offsetting the cost of referees and other expenses.
This program CAN NOT function without the help from parents and guardians. Thank you all who have helped in the past, or have volunteered to help again this year. 

For all the age groups, our goal is to try and create teams as equal as possible. We may have some larger group sessions at the beginning of the season in order to assess players if we feel it necessary.